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2012 – A Great Time to be a Reader!

I was tooling around the internet today, stumbling and bumbling with aimless curiosity, when I discovered a copy of the Rogues’ book, More Writing is Easy had sold and was returned on the same day.That really sucks for a couple reasons.

One reason is that we recently reduced the price of the book to ninety-nine cents on Kindle. Why in the world would someone return a book they only paid ninety-nine cents for? Are they so cheap that they read the book then return it so they get it for free? As a writer, this is very disturbing. Financially, writers get the short end of the money stick. Don’t go “J.K. Rowlings” on me. For every author who hits it big, there are millions struggling to make it on their day job money. Very few writers strike it rich.

Another reason I find this disturbing is the value of the content. This book is loaded with incredible writing. The story, Beware of Rip Tides is alone, worth far more than the price of admission into this book. One of the stories, Why Me? took First Place in the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards for unpublished short fiction. This award-winning story, again, makes this book worth FAR more than the price of admission.

I could go on and on about the great fiction short stories in this book. The bottom line is, at ninety-nine cents, this book is an outright steal. I know, I’m biased being a member of the Rogues Gallery Writers. But I’m telling you, this book is WAY under-priced. When someone pays for it, reads it, then returns it, they make that previously mentioned ‘steal’ reference a reality.

We published More Writing is Easy as a teaser to the main book, Writing is Easy, which is a full-length anthology of short fiction written by the Rogues. The larger book is an absolute gem of short story writing. We felt the nine stories left over from the larger book were too good not to put out to the public. This fact was proven by Why Me?‘s First Place selection in the Florida Writer’s Associations annual contest.

Readers today have access to writing at prices that should be outlawed and with delivery that is instantaneous (Kindle, Nook, PDF, Sony eReader, etc). In this time of inexpensive and instant gratification reading, the authors suffer. Did you know that a book priced at ninety-nine cents, greedy Amazon takes 65% of the sale? That is internet robbery. Please take care of your authors. They do not make much money on their products. They spend countless hours crafting their work. At least allow them to procure the pittance allowed them by the omnipotent corporations.

Take advantage of good reading at low prices. I encourage readers to get Kindle and Nook apps on their smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and desktops. You DID know you can buy and read Kindle books without purchasing an actual Kindle, right? Same with the Nook. Get your apps and sort through the huge bargains of reading available to you, the reader.

And make sure you keep the author in mind. If you desire a ‘hard copy’ of their book, search out the author’s website and buy direct from them. This accomplished a couple important tasks – it lifts the author’s spirit to know someone cares enough about their work to buy direct, and it also places more money in the author’s pocket and no money in the greedy corporation’s pocket.

Take care of your authors and the authors will reward you with more great stories!

PS. I’ve never written a PS to a blog before, but I got to thinking after I posted this – through March 31, 2012, anyone who orders a paperback copy of Writing is Easy, the Rogues will email a FREE PDF version of More Writing is Easy! That way, you’ll get ALL the Rogues published short stories in one purchase. How cool is that? Just click on this link: Writing is Easy, purchase the book from the ClearView Press Inc site, supply your email address, and we will email a copy of More Writing is Easy direct to your email!


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Book Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The Rogues stay busy. This fact gets chronicled often. We each work for a living, we each possess passions for writing, and we each strive to marry the two into a cohesive, workable life. Today, I am blogging five different sites as well as posting an article on This, in addition to working with my incredible Office Administrator Cindy on four books-in-progress at ClearView Press Inc and two books-in-progress with the Rogues.

Jeff stays swamped these days with his work. I am amazed at the quantity of writing he manages to produce. Top notch writing at that. The Rogues currently swim in the ocean of editing. Our book, The Method Writers, nears completion. Each of us struggle to make time for our writing, and Jeff brings energy, ideas and commitment to finishing the project.

Nancy happens to be the most swamped person I know. She amazes me that she can even muster the energy to attack her days, much less be as productive as she is. Between her work, her writing business, her writing in general and The Method Writers, this lady shows me what work ethic and determination are all about. Nancy is an excellent editor, and the Rogues are truly blessed with her dedication to our group.

Bridget currently resides in Michigan until February. All we ‘southern’ Rogues miss her sorely and look forward to her return. Don’t think for a moment we are disconnected by distance. We Oovoo (meet online in video chat) each week. We use technology to keep our group and projects moving forward. Can you believe, busy as we all are, that we’re writing two, yes two books together, editing, and meeting weekly online. Bridget keeps us on track by taking meeting minutes. She just started doing this out of the blue, which has been a HUGE benefit to the group.

The Rogues are writing. We’re editing. We’ll soon be publishing. This all in addition to owning hectic lives. I write all this as encouragement to all writers who say they “don’t have time to write”. None of the Rogues have time to write – yet we do. We make time to write. So can you. Sacrifice something. TV time. Sleep. A couple games of Spider Solitaire. You can do it. I know you can, because the Rogues do.


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Guardian Angel

We, the Rogues of course, have been excerpting pieces of stories from our book Writing is Easy. For those fiction readers out there, here’s a sampling of Guardian Angel, by Michael Ray King

Guardian Angel

When the time comes, pull the cord.

Freefall exhilarates.  Frightens.  Freefall delivers beauty and danger.  Jake licked his lips.  Skydiving dominated his heart like a medieval lord jealous for his lover.  Jake strangled the parachute cord in his right hand.

A roaring sea-rush of air surrounded him.  He plummeted, a vertical freight train, headed for mother Terra in an unplanned and certainly unorthodox flight.  A city dotted with rooftops and church steeples approached at an alarming pace.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot to be impaled by one of those suckers? he thought as he admired the heaven-pointed church-fingers.

Lights popped on like kernels of corn at critical mass as dusk handed off its remaining diffuse light to the night.  Faint smells wafted up from a thousand houses – apple pies, wood fires and lover’s scents mingled as one.  He flattened out, the resistance of air acting as invisible hands on his shoulders, abdomen, legs and feet, lifting him from the earth.  He glided and soared, his nose dividing air to his cheeks so that it flowed past his ears and roared its approval.  The knowledge that eagles feared him wrenched a maniacal laugh from his soul.

He ripped at the cord and the chute yanked him heavenward.  The world slowed down to a single moment in time – his descent, the movement of the early evening moon and his mind.  Nothing to do now but float back into oblivion and obscurity.  Unless he could maneuver over the lake and drown . . .

Everyone called Jake a junkie, but he had a secret that none of them could imagine – he could fly.

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Award Winning Story Rewarded

The short story Why Me? by Rogue Michael Ray King won first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards for best unpublished short story in October 2010. Early this month the story was included in the Kindle release of the short story collection More Writing is Easy put out by ClearView Press Inc.

More Writing is Easy came about from short stories that did not make the larger collection Writing is Easy because of timing issues. This inexpensive collection ($2.99) shows off some excellent writing chops. Beware of Rip Tides (Rogue Jeff Swesky) will make your eyes water with laughter. A couple other stories by Rebekah Hunter Scott deliver top quality short story reads.

Why Me? is an attempt by Michael to write something sexy. Here’s his take on the writing of the story:

“I had written a number of short stories with intimate love scenes, attempting to get a little more ‘base’ than I typically write. I got tired of people telling me my love scenes were very ‘tastefully done’. I suppose that is a compliment, but what I was looking for was something a bit more gritty. Not graphic, gratuitous sex, but sex with an edge. I’ll never forget the first reading of Why Me?. Tracy was sitting across from me and a couple paragraphs in she started fanning herself and halfway through she was blushing. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I finally nailed down a sexy story that had some punch. The funny thing is, I chickened out on putting the story in the book “Writing is Easy”. Then a friend who’d read it encouraged me to enter it in the RPLA’s. I did it on a whim. When they announced it took top honors in the Unpublished Short Story category – the toughest category to win in my opinion, you could have knocked me over with a silk teddy. That award and the RPLA for my book Fatherhood 101 are beyond special. Sometimes I have to take the award out and look at it to reassure myself it wasn’t a dream.”

You can get your copy of More Writing is Easy from Kindle

MORE Writing is Easy

or directly from ClearView Press Inc.’s site as a PDF download. Either way, you’ll get a face-full of the Rogues Gallery Writers that you’ll never forget. We believe it’s always rewarding when excellent fiction gets published. In Why Me?‘s case, the reward got doubled…

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More Writing is Easy

Yes, the book More Writing is Easy is now available on Kindle. This collection of nine short stories by the Rogues Gallery Writers is a true treat. The award winning story Why Me? (Michael Ray King, 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award First Place Winner) is joined by Rebekah Hunter Scott’s excellent selections The Sunshine Bus Company and Prelude.

A Bug’s Demise (Tracy McDurmon) lends the book a cute, tongue-in-cheek romp through a day in the life of a bug and Beware of Rip Tides (Jeff Swesky) rips laughs straight from your gut. Not every story is a hilarious romp either. The poignant All That Was Left (Jeff Swesky) reaches for your heart and hits home with all the sadness it can muster. Here’s a taste of what you will get:

Follow two people on a chance encounter in and airport. Sit with the adult grandson who kicks back on his grandmother’s grave and pours out his heart. Find out what it’s like to live a bug’s life. Laugh yourself silly about a Murphy’s Law aspect of rip tides. Take a dark ride with the Sunshine Bus Company. Dream reality encounters with a famous pianist. Feel the pain and loss of the last day of a crumbled marriage. Find out why an introverted man’s dream come true comes back to bite him.

All this and more lives in the digital pages of this book. What you have here is a snapshot of the talent of the Rogues Gallery Writers – a collection of four writers making their splash on the writing scene. I challenge you to take a chance on this collection. The price is right. I know the writing is superb.


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