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Stories, Novels and Traffic

What have you done for me lately? Questions from your blog always seem to begin here. Attention must be drawn to your page or it shall wither and die like a spring flower in the midst of a major drought. Keywords must trip the tumblers of search engine mechanics which are driven by the tumblers in people’s minds.

Whatever the masses wish to read will direct their ‘search words’ to the engines that make or break your blog. In this world of pre-gratification (my idea that we are no longer instant gratification but have moved to a purchase mentality of buying what we think will gratify us in the near future), a fresh blog is like miracle grow. Your traffic will follow as long as you write on a subject in which others are interested.

Award winning stories, novels and poetry appear to be words that snag a percentage of the surfing public, thank goodness. My intent in this blog is partly to remind those of us who write that our blogs live and die by our attention or neglect. Far too many of our blogs languish under the strain of stale, out-dated postings that have long since run their course.

Remaining in the limelight, no matter how pale, requires effort. Hence I write another post for the Rogues Gallery Writers. Yes, we have a couple books out. Writing is Easy and More Writing is Easy. Both are excellent books. I don’t write this because I had a hand in them, I state the truth. The stories in these two books are more than worth the price paid, plus, the money a sale generates helps keep us on track to write more literature.

The Rogues also have individual books like Motherhood is Easy: as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years by Rebekah Hunter Scott, Flight From Fear by Jeff Swesky, Crime Scene 3: New Jersey which contains writing by Nancy Quatrano and Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships by Michael Ray King. Promoting these books becomes a must for each of the Rogues since book sales generate income which allows us to continue writing.

The next time you are in the market for some good reading, please consider the Rogues. I know this is shameless promotion, but good writing should see the light of day or the book light of night. We labor over our writing in the hopes that someday this effort will reach eager eyes and fertile imaginations – kindred spirits if you will – and inspire others to take up the craft of writing.

Every writer or group of writers need traffic. Spread the word – you want good writing? Check out the Rogues Gallery Writers!


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More Writing is Easy

Yes, the book More Writing is Easy is now available on Kindle. This collection of nine short stories by the Rogues Gallery Writers is a true treat. The award winning story Why Me? (Michael Ray King, 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award First Place Winner) is joined by Rebekah Hunter Scott’s excellent selections The Sunshine Bus Company and Prelude.

A Bug’s Demise (Tracy McDurmon) lends the book a cute, tongue-in-cheek romp through a day in the life of a bug and Beware of Rip Tides (Jeff Swesky) rips laughs straight from your gut. Not every story is a hilarious romp either. The poignant All That Was Left (Jeff Swesky)┬áreaches for your heart and hits home with all the sadness it can muster. Here’s a taste of what you will get:

Follow two people on a chance encounter in and airport. Sit with the adult grandson who kicks back on his grandmother’s grave and pours out his heart. Find out what it’s like to live a bug’s life. Laugh yourself silly about a Murphy’s Law aspect of rip tides. Take a dark ride with the Sunshine Bus Company. Dream reality encounters with a famous pianist. Feel the pain and loss of the last day of a crumbled marriage. Find out why an introverted man’s dream come true comes back to bite him.

All this and more lives in the digital pages of this book. What you have here is a snapshot of the talent of the Rogues Gallery Writers – a collection of four writers making their splash on the writing scene. I challenge you to take a chance on this collection. The price is right. I know the writing is superb.


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