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Rogues on Radio!

Click the following link for the interview:

Rogues On the Radio!

Technology, technology, technology. We all seem to use it, whether we embrace or curse it. A couple short weeks ago, the Rogues were interviewed for our new book, The Method Writers on a radio show based in Texas. I must admit I didn’t listen to this for the past couple weeks because I didn’t want to hear my voice.

I also didn’t want to hear myself say anything stupid. To my delight and surprise, the interview went very well. I could even overlook (overhear?) the aversion to my own voice. And the things I said were sound and I believe helpful to the listeners. In fact, all three of us sounded like we knew what we are doing – because we do.

The only unfortunate aspect to the interview is that Bridget had to be interviewed separately and did not appear on this segment. Bridget is an incredibly interesting and engaging person. Not having her in the mix robs us a bit of who the Rogues Gallery Writers truly are.

All in all, the technology that allows these types of interviews to happen AND be made available for nearly perpetual consumption is amazing. Too many of us look upon the tsunami of new gadgets like they’re bad things. I’m here to tell you, the people who adopt and adapt to the new technologies sure have a leg up on those who don’t.

The Rogues, one and all, look forward to our next radio interview. We have a GREAT platform. Four writers who wrote ONE novel – together. That will get us some attention and notoriety. We’ve also done a live panel discussion and it went over quite well. Watch out world! Here we come!!!

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The Method Writers Arrives!

Yes, the long awaited novel, The Method Writers penned by your neighborhood friendly Rogues Gallery Writers is now out! The hardcover book is available at a retailer near your fingertips (like Amazon, BarnesandNoble, and preferably ClearView Press Inc).

Most of our blogging these days is occurring on our novel site, Come check us out! For a copy of the book, click on the image in the right column. Have a great day!

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2012 – A Great Time to be a Reader!

I was tooling around the internet today, stumbling and bumbling with aimless curiosity, when I discovered a copy of the Rogues’ book, More Writing is Easy had sold and was returned on the same day.That really sucks for a couple reasons.

One reason is that we recently reduced the price of the book to ninety-nine cents on Kindle. Why in the world would someone return a book they only paid ninety-nine cents for? Are they so cheap that they read the book then return it so they get it for free? As a writer, this is very disturbing. Financially, writers get the short end of the money stick. Don’t go “J.K. Rowlings” on me. For every author who hits it big, there are millions struggling to make it on their day job money. Very few writers strike it rich.

Another reason I find this disturbing is the value of the content. This book is loaded with incredible writing. The story, Beware of Rip Tides is alone, worth far more than the price of admission into this book. One of the stories, Why Me? took First Place in the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards for unpublished short fiction. This award-winning story, again, makes this book worth FAR more than the price of admission.

I could go on and on about the great fiction short stories in this book. The bottom line is, at ninety-nine cents, this book is an outright steal. I know, I’m biased being a member of the Rogues Gallery Writers. But I’m telling you, this book is WAY under-priced. When someone pays for it, reads it, then returns it, they make that previously mentioned ‘steal’ reference a reality.

We published More Writing is Easy as a teaser to the main book, Writing is Easy, which is a full-length anthology of short fiction written by the Rogues. The larger book is an absolute gem of short story writing. We felt the nine stories left over from the larger book were too good not to put out to the public. This fact was proven by Why Me?‘s First Place selection in the Florida Writer’s Associations annual contest.

Readers today have access to writing at prices that should be outlawed and with delivery that is instantaneous (Kindle, Nook, PDF, Sony eReader, etc). In this time of inexpensive and instant gratification reading, the authors suffer. Did you know that a book priced at ninety-nine cents, greedy Amazon takes 65% of the sale? That is internet robbery. Please take care of your authors. They do not make much money on their products. They spend countless hours crafting their work. At least allow them to procure the pittance allowed them by the omnipotent corporations.

Take advantage of good reading at low prices. I encourage readers to get Kindle and Nook apps on their smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and desktops. You DID know you can buy and read Kindle books without purchasing an actual Kindle, right? Same with the Nook. Get your apps and sort through the huge bargains of reading available to you, the reader.

And make sure you keep the author in mind. If you desire a ‘hard copy’ of their book, search out the author’s website and buy direct from them. This accomplished a couple important tasks – it lifts the author’s spirit to know someone cares enough about their work to buy direct, and it also places more money in the author’s pocket and no money in the greedy corporation’s pocket.

Take care of your authors and the authors will reward you with more great stories!

PS. I’ve never written a PS to a blog before, but I got to thinking after I posted this – through March 31, 2012, anyone who orders a paperback copy of Writing is Easy, the Rogues will email a FREE PDF version of More Writing is Easy! That way, you’ll get ALL the Rogues published short stories in one purchase. How cool is that? Just click on this link: Writing is Easy, purchase the book from the ClearView Press Inc site, supply your email address, and we will email a copy of More Writing is Easy direct to your email!


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Lavender Hour

Without him, I would be free to think, to feel, to breathe. I could weather the storms that loomed over my life. I could prepare my food the way I liked it. I could strip naked without fear of provoking him in the daylight.

I made that mistake once. About a year ago, I freed myself of the sand-laden scratchy clothes I wore. He took this as an invitation to tackle me in the surf.

When I saw what had become of him, I fought with every ounce of energy I possessed. I didn’t want that thing in me. It was a lumpy stick that bent at an odd angle at the end. He must have been hiding it from me since the wreck. We hadn’t messed around for months. He always explained that he was still hurting from the injuries he suffered during the crash. I guess he had been. It looked like it would be painful. It was.

My reaction angered him so he bruised my face. It felt like an apple that had been bounced around and left to sit for a week. He avoided me for a couple weeks after that, but then the real trouble began. He wanted to convince me that nothing had changed, that even though it looked deformed, it still performed the same.

I tried. I tried to let him have me like he used to back home. But the sand, the heat, the deformity and my healing face all screamed that life was unfair – that he was to blame. At first, I pretended, but I knew he knew. Then I just didn’t care.

~ Michael Ray King, from his short story, Lavender Hour. Published in the Rogues Gallery Writers’ collection, Writing is Easy.


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Five Easy Minutes

I was hunting around the cupboard for Tommy’s favorite Koozie – the one with the foam boobies on it that he’d gotten at South of the Border – when the doorbell rang.


I froze, beer in one hand, booby Koozie in the other.

“Babe, can you get that?” Tommy called. “I just sat my ass down.”

“Sure.” I hurried from the kitchen and across the living room, my heart roosting in my throat like a big, overstuffed hen.

Through the peephole I saw the lawnmower man, shirtless and slick with rain.

~ Rebekah Hunter Scott from her short story – Five Easy Minutes – published in the Rogues Gallery Writers collection, Writing is Easy.

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A Novel Idea Comes to Pass!

Yes, I speak of none other than The Method Writers, the Rogues Gallery Writers foray into novel-length fiction. A scintillating joy to write, The Method Writers continues to thrill us as we near completion of the first draft. Our work continues, of course, through the editing phase of polishing up our creation. We look forward to pushing this book to print, most likely by Autumn.

Updates should begin popping up with more regularity as we throw ourselves behind the marketing and promoting bus (not under it, mind you), and press forward. The Rogues could use as much support as we can get. Novel-land remains a very competitive arena where books get overlooked by the thousands by the public consciousness. Our job becomes placing the Rogues along with The Method Writers into the minds of potential readers – like you!

Please let us know you support us. Emails, comments, phone calls – anything will ratchet up motivation. Not that we need a lot, just that you can never get too much, right?

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Rogues Mockumentary

The Rogues wrapped up filming our new mockumentary Behind the Prose on Sunday, May 22, 2011. The film is now in edit and will soon be out to the public at large. We had a blast (even with all the takes necessary to produce a short film). It will be apparent that the Rogues are writers, not actors (with the notable exception of Bloodtrail Jeff). But we did a fine job nonetheless.

We worked off a fun script, mostly concocted by Jeff, but we had plenty of adlibs to make the shoot truly a group effort. Even our crew tossed in some great lines for us to use. We actually had a cameraman, sound man (boom mic), director, producer, actress and of course, the Rogues. This experience came filled with excitement, laughs and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Kaylee, our actress, played the part of Suzy Slander whose job was to cover the Rogues Gallery Writers in a video-journalistic manner. Kaylee is definitely a star. She stepped up and delivered a wonderful performance. Our film crew worked hard to make sure we attained shots with good lighting and sound. Steve Woodin headed up the crew with sons Steve and Alex stepping in as cameraman and sound man. Theresa Davidson supplied many excellent suggestions as to scene placement and visual aesthetics that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Stay tuned for where you can go to see snippets of the mockumentary AND, once edited, where you can go to see the whole thing!

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