Rogues on Radio!

12 Sep

Click the following link for the interview:

Rogues On the Radio!

Technology, technology, technology. We all seem to use it, whether we embrace or curse it. A couple short weeks ago, the Rogues were interviewed for our new book, The Method Writers on a radio show based in Texas. I must admit I didn’t listen to this for the past couple weeks because I didn’t want to hear my voice.

I also didn’t want to hear myself say anything stupid. To my delight and surprise, the interview went very well. I could even overlook (overhear?) the aversion to my own voice. And the things I said were sound and I believe helpful to the listeners. In fact, all three of us sounded like we knew what we are doing – because we do.

The only unfortunate aspect to the interview is that Bridget had to be interviewed separately and did not appear on this segment. Bridget is an incredibly interesting and engaging person. Not having her in the mix robs us a bit of who the Rogues Gallery Writers truly are.

All in all, the technology that allows these types of interviews to happen AND be made available for nearly perpetual consumption is amazing. Too many of us look upon the tsunami of new gadgets like they’re bad things. I’m here to tell you, the people who adopt and adapt to the new technologies sure have a leg up on those who don’t.

The Rogues, one and all, look forward to our next radio interview. We have a GREAT platform. Four writers who wrote ONE novel – together. That will get us some attention and notoriety. We’ve also done a live panel discussion and it went over quite well. Watch out world! Here we come!!!

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