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Witch Moon

While we Rogues are working hard to complete our first group novel, The Method Writers, we’d like to remind you about our short story collections, Writing is Easy and More Writing is Easy, by giving you little tastes of the writing from time-to-time. Both collections are available on the ClearView Press website, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BooksAMillion.

Below is a quote from Writing is Easy:

“Overhead the sky quickens to a roiling cauldron of slicing moonlight and piercing darkness.” ~ Michael Ray King, from his short story, Witch Moon.

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A Novel Idea Comes to Pass!

Yes, I speak of none other than The Method Writers, the Rogues Gallery Writers foray into novel-length fiction. A scintillating joy to write, The Method Writers continues to thrill us as we near completion of the first draft. Our work continues, of course, through the editing phase of polishing up our creation. We look forward to pushing this book to print, most likely by Autumn.

Updates should begin popping up with more regularity as we throw ourselves behind the marketing and promoting bus (not under it, mind you), and press forward. The Rogues could use as much support as we can get. Novel-land remains a very competitive arena where books get overlooked by the thousands by the public consciousness. Our job becomes placing the Rogues along with The Method Writers into the minds of potential readers – like you!

Please let us know you support us. Emails, comments, phone calls – anything will ratchet up motivation. Not that we need a lot, just that you can never get too much, right?

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