Rogues Mockumentary

25 May

The Rogues wrapped up filming our new mockumentary Behind the Prose on Sunday, May 22, 2011. The film is now in edit and will soon be out to the public at large. We had a blast (even with all the takes necessary to produce a short film). It will be apparent that the Rogues are writers, not actors (with the notable exception of Bloodtrail Jeff). But we did a fine job nonetheless.

We worked off a fun script, mostly concocted by Jeff, but we had plenty of adlibs to make the shoot truly a group effort. Even our crew tossed in some great lines for us to use. We actually had a cameraman, sound man (boom mic), director, producer, actress and of course, the Rogues. This experience came filled with excitement, laughs and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Kaylee, our actress, played the part of Suzy Slander whose job was to cover the Rogues Gallery Writers in a video-journalistic manner. Kaylee is definitely a star. She stepped up and delivered a wonderful performance. Our film crew worked hard to make sure we attained shots with good lighting and sound. Steve Woodin headed up the crew with sons Steve and Alex stepping in as cameraman and sound man. Theresa Davidson supplied many excellent suggestions as to scene placement and visual aesthetics that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Stay tuned for where you can go to see snippets of the mockumentary AND, once edited, where you can go to see the whole thing!

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