Writers Need to Gather Followers

10 May

I just finished up an article on Hub Pages about the importance of writers developing their voice, a platform and a following. Here’s the link, The Rogues realize gathering a following is critical, hence this blog and several others.

We look to do things that will bring us attention because without attention, no one will read our work. In fact, we are currently working on a short ‘mockumentary’ promoting our book-in-progress The Method Writers. Yes, we even have a blog for our book.

This short film will be promo material to attract funding through a site called As soon as we complete the project rest assured we will let everyone know how they can help. We are developing trading cards of the characters in the book as well as playing cards, calendars and other material.

We are working to develop a following of our work. I suggest you consider following us on this blog to see how we go about promoting ourselves and our work. We have a lot of fun, but we also do a lot of work. Stick around and we’ll be the line leader.


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