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Rogues Mockumentary

The Rogues wrapped up filming our new mockumentary Behind the Prose on Sunday, May 22, 2011. The film is now in edit and will soon be out to the public at large. We had a blast (even with all the takes necessary to produce a short film). It will be apparent that the Rogues are writers, not actors (with the notable exception of Bloodtrail Jeff). But we did a fine job nonetheless.

We worked off a fun script, mostly concocted by Jeff, but we had plenty of adlibs to make the shoot truly a group effort. Even our crew tossed in some great lines for us to use. We actually had a cameraman, sound man (boom mic), director, producer, actress and of course, the Rogues. This experience came filled with excitement, laughs and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Kaylee, our actress, played the part of Suzy Slander whose job was to cover the Rogues Gallery Writers in a video-journalistic manner. Kaylee is definitely a star. She stepped up and delivered a wonderful performance. Our film crew worked hard to make sure we attained shots with good lighting and sound. Steve Woodin headed up the crew with sons Steve and Alex stepping in as cameraman and sound man. Theresa Davidson supplied many excellent suggestions as to scene placement and visual aesthetics that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Stay tuned for where you can go to see snippets of the mockumentary AND, once edited, where you can go to see the whole thing!

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Filming of the Rogues Mockumentary

This coming Tuesday the Rogues Gallery Writers will convene for rehearsal for their upcoming mockumentary “Behind the Prose”. Filming will begin Sunday, May 22, 2011. The mockumentary will feature the Rogues and their upcoming book project The Method Writers.

Once filming is complete, the video will be placed on Kickstarter is a funding site for creative projects. Benevolent folk drop by and pledge money toward the various creative projects listed on the site. Once funding is accomplished, the money gets dispersed and voi la! Funding! Yippee!!

Part of the book project will be a set of trading cards depicting characters in the book. One side of the card will be the character’s pic while the other side will have some character info. Another aspect of the project will be a deck of playing cards featuring the character pics. Also on the docket are calendars, mugs t-shirts and hats.

Once the film is on Kickstarter, the Rogues would greatly appreciate your pledge. We will have 30 days in which to meet our pledge goals or go back to the drawing board. Please consider helping us complete this project with proper funding. Stay tuned. We should be going live with the fundraiser in June!


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Writers Need to Gather Followers

I just finished up an article on Hub Pages about the importance of writers developing their voice, a platform and a following. Here’s the link, The Rogues realize gathering a following is critical, hence this blog and several others.

We look to do things that will bring us attention because without attention, no one will read our work. In fact, we are currently working on a short ‘mockumentary’ promoting our book-in-progress The Method Writers. Yes, we even have a blog for our book.

This short film will be promo material to attract funding through a site called As soon as we complete the project rest assured we will let everyone know how they can help. We are developing trading cards of the characters in the book as well as playing cards, calendars and other material.

We are working to develop a following of our work. I suggest you consider following us on this blog to see how we go about promoting ourselves and our work. We have a lot of fun, but we also do a lot of work. Stick around and we’ll be the line leader.


Getting it Done in a Focus Group

The Rogues Gallery Writers continue to develop our book, The Method Writers. While we work each week on putting this book together, we also work our respective jobs, deal with our respective families and relationships as well as participating in other writer’s groups, most notably the Florida Writers Association. We stay busy.

We scramble for time to get things done. Our time frames and time tables get skewed often. We know what it’s like to struggle to get something written each day, yet we persevere. This is why I recommend every writer should be a member of a small, tight-knit focus writing group.

Without the support, encouragement and prodding of people you respect, writing becomes a tough mountain to climb. I participate in a critique group as well as a large writer’s group (FWA), and both serve me well. Yet, without the Rogues, I don’t believe I would be nearly as prolific. In fact, without the Rogues, most likely I would be mired in the throes of stalled novels and have only one book published.

At this writing, I have three books out with two more on the slate for 2011. I have momentum and encouragement. I am pooled with four writers who, frankly, own stronger writing pedigrees than me. The true benefit of this small group of writers can be very intangible. I feel this benefit is measurable as well.

Production is what every writer struggles with in his or her quest to navigate the writing life. Whether that production comes under deadlines or days staring at blanks screens or pages, the struggle tends to be universal in the writing community. A focus group must not only include simply writers, but personalities that mesh.

Personality clashes can destroy momentum, chemistry and ultimately production. Finding that special group of like-minded writers that click can be an evolutionary process. Do not get discouraged. Sometimes growing pains hurt, but in the end, the group prospers.

My recommendation is four or five authors. Four has worked well for the Rogues, but my sense is five is optimum for us. Thus far, we have not been able to get five Rogues going at one time. Technically we are five at this time, but one of our best, Rebekah Hunter Scott, has taken a ‘maternity leave’.

She is idle by no means. Rebekah currently promotes her first book Motherhood is Easy: as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years (2010 Royal Palm Literary Award winning book in the Humor category) and is writing a follow up book – Pregnancy is Easy: as long as you are not the one pregnant. Rebakah’s wit has landed her in major national slick magazines like American Baby and Parents.

Obviously, with two children currently in the home, she has her hands full. The Rogues miss her dearly. We are also unstoppable. We have a head of steam going on our current group project, and each of us have individual projects moving along nicely as well.

Consider putting together a number of writers in a focus group. Choose carefully, selecting those people who blend well with each other. The writers do not need to write the same genre. In fact, the Rogues are as diverse a group of writers as you can get. I lean toward poetry and sci-fi. Jeff is more literary fiction, bloody fiction and ghost writing. Nancy is a murder mystery writer. Rebekah writes strong humor as well as some serious fiction. Bridget writes strong psychological fiction as well as tough dark humor fiction.

We each are not confined to the tendencies listed above either. My feeling is that each Rogue is willing to step out into many genres if the occasion calls for the effort. Our diversity helps us get multifaceted feedback too. That said, I could see a focus group being successful if everyone wrote the same genre. In some ways, that group’s dynamics would have to be even more personality compatible given that all the writers would be writing similar material.

Now the commercial. You had to know it was coming. Writing is a very tough business. Most writers cannot afford to quit their day job. The Rogues Gallery Writers are no different. We do have a couple books out. We need people to support us. One cool way is to purchase our books. We’ve even made that simple.

We produced the book More Writing is Easy in PDF format (available through ClearView Press) for a paltry $1.99. That’s not painful, is it? This book is like a ‘teaser’ of what we can do. It is also available on Kindle for $2.99. For that price, you can take a chance on us, right? Then, when you love the writing, we have a full-length collections of short stories titled Writing is Easy. This book is also available through CVP as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million and Kindle.

C’mon! Give the Rogues a chance. I’m telling you, we work hard and we write extremely well.


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