Writing Under the Influence (of sleep deprivation)

19 Apr

There are times as a writer where you simply run out of brain gas. This fuel wells up from some unknown source, sometimes labeled ‘the Muse’. I find it amazing how much writing accomplishment can come from a simple splash of inspiration. Writers own the ability to extend their creation over weeks, months and years.

There are times, however, that rob a writer of his or her fuel and leave the poor sot a blubbering, bubble-headed mess. I just experienced such a writing moment. In the midst of writing an article for an online mag, I nodded off to sleep and woke up to absolute gibberish on my computer screen.

Not good for a writer on a deadline. So what do you think I do? Yes, I immediately run to WordPress and key this post. Am I a glutton for ridicule? I just screwed up and article in a royal manner and I rush pall mall into more writing?

Dedication. What can I say. I’m a Rogue and that is special. Rogues Gallery Writers know no defeat, only opportunity. I chose to look on these moments of waning lucidness as a challenge. Can I¬†rejuvenate myself to create a much-needed blog post? Can I pull myself up and make something out of a mind containing nothing?

Only the readership knows for sure. If this post is not disjointed beyond all sense, take the time to comment and let me know my insanities have not progressed so far as to take reality completely out of my picture of life. In the meantime, keep writing…

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Posted by on April 19, 2011 in The Rogues Gallery Writers


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One response to “Writing Under the Influence (of sleep deprivation)

  1. sonia

    April 19, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Hey, no, I think it makes sense. When the muse runs out on you (or when you are so exhausted, you can’t flog yourself awake) that happens.


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