Writing Practice, Writing Preach

01 Apr

When a writer becomes embroiled in the grind of marketing and promoting one must do to be successful, often he/she finds a disconnect between what audiences are told and what the author does. Writers should strive to write every day. This is a basic mantra preached by many, followed by some.

Writers on the whole know and understand once they hit a writing groove, yanking their butt from behind the ‘board’ would be akin to pluck an elephant from a resting stance. The issue with that ‘groove’ becomes maintaining what you create. We all create rhythms, habits, in our lives only to stray from them as life dictates changes to us.

Writers tend to suffer many imagination ills like lack of self-confidence, lack of time, abundance of projects and not enough hands, self-imposed restrictions like writer’s block and the fateful, “who am I to think I can write?” deal killer. We work harder at denying our passion sometimes than pursuing it.

Writers also can fixate on perfection rather than completion. We fall into procrastination like its our comfy couch and we flee deadlines as though they’re a hoard of raging Mongols, Genghis Khan screaming as they bear down on us.

With all these psychological hurdles, realization when we don’t practice what we preach is just another feather in the quiver of arrows anxious to shoot us down. These demons, if you will, exist in our minds which make them our personal realities. There are no author police. No one goes behind us and arrests us for our stupidity. There are no knuckle cracking teachers to keep us on track.

Writers must self motivate. Yes, deadlines and money will carry a writer part-way there, but the gumption to get up and make a piece of writing happen wins the day every time. If writers spent more time convincing themselves they can achieve what they desire instead of finding reasons they cannot, productivity would increase exponentially.

I don’t want to hear, “I don’t have time.” The writer who states they have no time must either find their sacrifice point or muddle in obscurity and incomplete projects. The relevant reference to time is, “I’m not willing to sacrifice any more for my passion/obsession.” How many hours did you sleep? Four? Look at all the time wasted.

Sleep is necessary – most of the time. The point of this blog is to point out my own challenges and to shore up my dedication to moving forward in my writing career. Thankfully, the Rogues keep a positive support structure in place that encourages each of us to strive to become the writers each of us know we can be, even if too often we don’t practice what we preach.

I will endeavor to blog consistently twice a week. That’s my preachin’ I should be practicing. Along with writing every day. Along with marketing. Along with completing projects. No excuses, right?…


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