Award Winning Rogue Writing

10 Mar

The Rogues Gallery Writers have won an amazing 8 Royal Palm Literary Awards. This is no small feat. Getting attention for good writing is difficult. You must stay in the public eye as much as possible and attempt to get in the conversation on any topic even remotely related to your writing.

The Rogues awards cover quite a span of topics. Jeff Swesky’s book Flight From Fear won a 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award for his book on the life of a Rabbi from Poland during the holocaust. Rabbi Samuel R. Cywiak’s story is riveting and the book award is well deserved. Currently the book is with an agent in Los Angeles, California. This one could go national very easily.

Rebekah Hunter Scott’s book Motherhood is Easy: as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years takes a humorous look at the challenges of motherhood. A first place Royal Palm Literary Award winner in the Published Humor category, her book has been hailed by reviewers all over the United States. This book could easily go national as well. An excerpt from the book appears bi-annually in the Welcome edition of American Baby Magazine. Rebekah also writes articles for magazines, ezines and newspapers. Her blog rocks and is read by quite a few moms.

Nancy Quatrano’s Royal Palm Literary Award comes from her book Murder in Black and White in the Unpublished Mystery category. Her book is a first place winner as well and should find a nice home with a publisher soon. Nancy has also been published in the mystery anthology Crime Scene 3: New Jersey. A top notch editor as well, Nancy’s writing chops are strong and she could easily catch the public’s eye in the very near future.

Michael Ray King’s book Love’s Lost and Found has pulled in three Royal Palm Literary Awards in the Published Poetry category – two first place finishes and one second. This book contains Michael’s poetry along with artist Tracy McDurmon’s acrylic paint interpretations of his poetry. His book Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships won a Royal Palm Literary Award in 2008. His short story Why Me? won first place in 2010 for Unpublished Short Story. Why Me? has since been released in the book More Writing is Easy.

Bridget’s first book, as yet untitled, is near the editing stage. The early consensus is that this book will blow readers away and at the risk of sounding repetitious, could easily be in the national conversation one day. Bridget is also contributing to The Method Writers, a group novel project, along with Nancy, Jeff and Michael. This book is perking along nicely and dare I say, it could easily grab national attention.

Why belabor the point? Because good, solid writing is something that appears to be fading. People need to know there are options out there. Viable, talented writers who work hard at their craft. The Rogues Gallery Writers take their writing seriously. Read us and you will see. The awards we’re accumulating only place the exclamation point to what I just wrote.


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