More Writing is Easy

09 Feb

Yes, the book More Writing is Easy is now available on Kindle. This collection of nine short stories by the Rogues Gallery Writers is a true treat. The award winning story Why Me? (Michael Ray King, 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award First Place Winner) is joined by Rebekah Hunter Scott’s excellent selections The Sunshine Bus Company and Prelude.

A Bug’s Demise (Tracy McDurmon) lends the book a cute, tongue-in-cheek romp through a day in the life of a bug and Beware of Rip Tides (Jeff Swesky) rips laughs straight from your gut. Not every story is a hilarious romp either. The poignant All That Was Left (Jeff Swesky) reaches for your heart and hits home with all the sadness it can muster. Here’s a taste of what you will get:

Follow two people on a chance encounter in and airport. Sit with the adult grandson who kicks back on his grandmother’s grave and pours out his heart. Find out what it’s like to live a bug’s life. Laugh yourself silly about a Murphy’s Law aspect of rip tides. Take a dark ride with the Sunshine Bus Company. Dream reality encounters with a famous pianist. Feel the pain and loss of the last day of a crumbled marriage. Find out why an introverted man’s dream come true comes back to bite him.

All this and more lives in the digital pages of this book. What you have here is a snapshot of the talent of the Rogues Gallery Writers – a collection of four writers making their splash on the writing scene. I challenge you to take a chance on this collection. The price is right. I know the writing is superb.


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