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Award Winning Story Rewarded

The short story Why Me? by Rogue Michael Ray King won first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards for best unpublished short story in October 2010. Early this month the story was included in the Kindle release of the short story collection More Writing is Easy put out by ClearView Press Inc.

More Writing is Easy came about from short stories that did not make the larger collection Writing is Easy because of timing issues. This inexpensive collection ($2.99) shows off some excellent writing chops. Beware of Rip Tides (Rogue Jeff Swesky) will make your eyes water with laughter. A couple other stories by Rebekah Hunter Scott deliver top quality short story reads.

Why Me? is an attempt by Michael to write something sexy. Here’s his take on the writing of the story:

“I had written a number of short stories with intimate love scenes, attempting to get a little more ‘base’ than I typically write. I got tired of people telling me my love scenes were very ‘tastefully done’. I suppose that is a compliment, but what I was looking for was something a bit more gritty. Not graphic, gratuitous sex, but sex with an edge. I’ll never forget the first reading of Why Me?. Tracy was sitting across from me and a couple paragraphs in she started fanning herself and halfway through she was blushing. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I finally nailed down a sexy story that had some punch. The funny thing is, I chickened out on putting the story in the book “Writing is Easy”. Then a friend who’d read it encouraged me to enter it in the RPLA’s. I did it on a whim. When they announced it took top honors in the Unpublished Short Story category – the toughest category to win in my opinion, you could have knocked me over with a silk teddy. That award and the RPLA for my book Fatherhood 101 are beyond special. Sometimes I have to take the award out and look at it to reassure myself it wasn’t a dream.”

You can get your copy of More Writing is Easy from Kindle

MORE Writing is Easy

or directly from ClearView Press Inc.’s site as a PDF download. Either way, you’ll get a face-full of the Rogues Gallery Writers that you’ll never forget. We believe it’s always rewarding when excellent fiction gets published. In Why Me?‘s case, the reward got doubled…

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A Life Trifecta!

On a good day, I get to ride my bicycle to work (about 9 miles). The combination of exercise, music (iPhone) and fresh air lifts my spirit even on the worst of days. I’ve ridden most of my life, the past 27 years on my trusty Fuji. I bought the bike in 1983 on the spur of the moment with my little sister.

We popped into a bike shop on Oberlin Road in Raleigh, North Caroline looking for vehicles to work off the stress of our lives. I hovered over less expensive bicycles but the shop owner talked me into the ‘low end’ Fuji, ‘low end’ being $200. That was a lot of money to me back then but I took the chance.

The bicycle survived a number of relationships and a couple marriages as well as a couple years of neglect. A number of tune-ups and a new sprocket chain (three months ago) have kept this bike running and on the roads. From chunky cassette decks to Walkmans, MP3 players and now an iPhone, the Fuji almost feels analog in a digital world.

But isn’t that the charm? Three of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music…) are writing, bicycling and music. A few days ago I rode a wonderful 3 mile bike path at dusk with my iPhone cranked. No one was out walking – I owned the path. The music got good to me too.

As shadows tumbled around me and melody and lyrics caressed the right side of my brain, I felt the overwhelming urge to write. Write? Here? Hell yeah! I have an iPhone. I’ve ridden with no hands since I was six. Why not?

I pulled out the phone, keyed up the notepad and went to town. By the time I got home, two poems were born, my heart was soothed by incredible tunes delivered by the greatest musicians of our time and the positive endorphins flew through my body like winged angels – my ultimate trifecta!

Euphoria = Exercise. Music. Creativity. No wonder the only good comparison I know is good sex. Next time though, I need to make it home before dark. That trip through the wet concrete may have been avoided had I possessed more distance visibility…

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More Writing is Easy

Yes, the book More Writing is Easy is now available on Kindle. This collection of nine short stories by the Rogues Gallery Writers is a true treat. The award winning story Why Me? (Michael Ray King, 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award First Place Winner) is joined by Rebekah Hunter Scott’s excellent selections The Sunshine Bus Company and Prelude.

A Bug’s Demise (Tracy McDurmon) lends the book a cute, tongue-in-cheek romp through a day in the life of a bug and Beware of Rip Tides (Jeff Swesky) rips laughs straight from your gut. Not every story is a hilarious romp either. The poignant All That Was Left (Jeff Swesky)┬áreaches for your heart and hits home with all the sadness it can muster. Here’s a taste of what you will get:

Follow two people on a chance encounter in and airport. Sit with the adult grandson who kicks back on his grandmother’s grave and pours out his heart. Find out what it’s like to live a bug’s life. Laugh yourself silly about a Murphy’s Law aspect of rip tides. Take a dark ride with the Sunshine Bus Company. Dream reality encounters with a famous pianist. Feel the pain and loss of the last day of a crumbled marriage. Find out why an introverted man’s dream come true comes back to bite him.

All this and more lives in the digital pages of this book. What you have here is a snapshot of the talent of the Rogues Gallery Writers – a collection of four writers making their splash on the writing scene. I challenge you to take a chance on this collection. The price is right. I know the writing is superb.


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