The Method Writers

29 Jan
The Method Writers
The Method Writers

In the course of any project, key times and situations arise that define their outcome. Each step builds on the last and each new element gets added to the collective momentum, for good or ill, until eventually the final product is born. The Rogues Gallery Writers progressively graduate toward our goal of a phenomenal novel every day.

This week we gathered and created our ‘War Board’ – a 4’x8′ white board time-lining our characters scenes in the book. Coordination such as this is vital in order to pull off such an ambitious book. We’re just about settled into location as well as time frame and number/length of chapters. One of the critical questions to be answered soon is 1st person present tense vs 1st person past tense.

The overall structure of the book is coming along nicely. We have a decent skeleton at this very moment. Once we fine-tune the next few items, our skeleton should be strong and ready to take on more definition. One of the blessings of working with professional writers on a project like this is the knowledge in the room each time we meet. We have enough expertise and talent to make this project soar.

The creativity. The individual writer’s excitement. The experience of immersion in a think-tank situation. All this and more make this project probably one of the most memorable undertakings in which this Rogue has ever participated. Check out the new promo ad at the top right of this blog.

The Method Writers are coming your way. Beware!

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